Lula Magazine #18 Spring/Summer 2014

I bought this magazine in London for the first time months ago purely because Lykke Li was on the front cover and I absolutely adore how she comes across in performances and in interviews. Eventually, I began to fall in love with the construction and balance of visual and written content of Lula Magazine that made me realize how much I love Lula Magazine. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to contribute something or work for them.


Week 25 of 100
Natalie”To me, confidence comes through being true to myself and being comfortable in my own skin. Throughout the past few years, my confidence has been especially brought out by what I wear, my own personal sense of style. I’ve always had an infatuation with fashion, be it being a eight year old child watching my mother get dressed up for night out or flipping through the latest pages of Dazed and Confused, something about fashion has always felt natural to me. I’ve always been drawn to the way fashion can make a person feel, how it allows an individual to express themselves to the world. Whilst others may view the fashion industry as ‘useless’ or ‘materialistic’, I see it as the purest form of artistic expression, a true blank canvas for us to paint our personalities on. Growing up, it took a while for me to find my own sense of style but what I’ve learned is that style doesn’t come from what other people say or what happens to be ‘in fashion’. True style comes from who we are as a person, our quirks, what we like and essentially from our heart. Only then can we be confident and comfortable with ourselves. My style is ever evolving and I can’t quite sort it into one category. But I know that my style is what I feel best in and what I want to tell the world. Its truly what makes me, well me. And I say that whole heartedly from the bottom of my 5 inch pure white platform heels.”



inspirational guy.
Moschino Resort 2015 - Char Free!
Love the pink and purple combination on this amazing model!

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Gerhard Richter

Mac Miller, Lorde, Diplo and Major Lazer at the Big Day Out in Auckland

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